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Monthly Mission Focus July – Embo Community Church

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Pastor Leonard Gcabashe is Senior Pastor of Embo Community Church, a rural church community in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Leonard, his wife Gladys and church leaders and members work tirelessly in the community, speaking and demonstrating practically the love of God. 
Situated in an area called the Valley of 1,000 Hills the Church has developed an impressive Health Care ministry; with a Health Clinic, Care Home and a Care giving network into the community which needs to be seen to be believed.
The Church has built and funded a Children’s Home that is situated down the valley slope from the church building, Clinic and Care Home. A Pre-school facility, although damaged by extremely heavy rainfall in April 2022, is also well established in a neighbouring valley. 
Much of the ministry that the church is involved in is supported by donations from other churches, charities at home and abroad and the generosity of individual giving.
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