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Why membership? And how do I know whether it is right for me?

Why membership?

If you are beginning to feel at home at Bloxham Baptist Church we would like you to consider becoming a member of the Church. Why ‘membership’?

To answer this question we first need to explain how a Baptist Church is run.

Bloxham Baptist Church is affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BU), but there is no hierarchical structure in place to pass down any directive or funding. Each local Baptist Church is accountable to God and to its members.

We have regular Church meetings to seek the mind of Christ for the direction of His Church. Our Pastor and Deacons bring recommendations to the meeting, and it is the responsibility of all members to discern the leading of God’s Spirit in all matters as we make decisions together.

Membership is an important expression of our commitment to Christ and to one another as His local Church.

What does membership involve?

Membership is about committing ourselves to a journey together, encouraging each other to live a life consistent with the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ and one that will not bring either Him or His church into disrepute.

It also involves regularly sharing in worship with each other – and committing ourselves to growing in faith and fellowship through Homegroups etc.

Being a member is not, however, about having rights but responsibilities; it is not about having a voice but ears to hear what God is saying to His Church. As members we have a shared responsibility for the future direction of the church and should endeavour, whenever possible, to attend prayer meetings and Church meetings, and pray for the Church and its Leadership.

Membership is a commitment to maintain the unity of the Spirit with the Church as we recognise our purpose together and aim to be a church where we are ‘loving Jesus, loving people, offering hope and fulfilment in Christ’.

Membership involves a willingness to discern the way in which God has gifted each member of his body, and to employ those gifts within the Church and wider community.

Finally, as members we give financially to the work of our church fellowship as well as the global Church.

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to all who are followers of Jesus and profess repentance towards God.

Do church members need to be baptised?

Not necessarily. It is not a requirement for Church membership. It was a direct command of Jesus that the apostles make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We think it is desirable that all Christians should be baptised in this way. We do, however, recognise that other Christian church denominations have their own traditions of professing our personal faith in Jesus.

How do I become a member?

If you would like to become a member the Pastor or Church Secretary would be delighted to hear from you. They will arrange for two existing Church members to meet with you to share the story of your faith journey. At the next Church meeting the wider Church will have the opportunity to discern your membership request.

Our hope is that you will find being a member of our Church fulfilling and exciting, and the Bloxham Baptist Church will increasingly be a place where we can learn together and grow into the people God made us to be, serving Him for His glory and seeking the coming of His Kingdom.

Would you like to talk to us about membership?

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