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Food & Fellowship – The Word & Prayer

bloxham mens breakfast groupOne of the consequences of our busy world is that blokes don’t get a chance to spend time together – and that restricts the opportunities to make great mates.  That is a shame because having someone to talk to, share with, and have fellowship with can make life that bit easier. Men need encouragement from one another – the Bible says “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” – and spending time together can keep us on God’s path by sharing good times and hard times with one another.

Does having some Christian mates to share with sound like something you would like?

Some ten years ago a small group of men started a fellowship breakfast (well it had to involve food!). Around a two-burner camp stove we created a delectable bacon sarnie, shared our weeks, read from God’s word to inspire us and to pray for one another and situations we were aware of in our families and frontlines.

mens breakfast bloxhamNow between 10 and 15 men gather at 6.30am every Thursday (except Christmas Day) to make use of our amazing kitchen facilities in the chapel for a full English Breakfast (occasionally going to a 3-course breakfast) whilst still maintaining the format of Share, The Word and Prayer.  Most weeks we are fed by 7am and then away by 7.45am – but some have to leave early and so the format is extremely flexible.

 Did you say 6.30am?

Yes – it may make it an early start for the day – but every single bloke that attends will tell you that the benefit FAR outweighs the early climb out of bed (even in the winter time!).