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Whilst we love being all together as one church family, we also have a series of small groups where you can get to know people better. Small groups or ‘homegroups’ meet regularly and spend time studying God’s word and sharing the highs and lows of life together.

We believe that being part of a small group could help grow your faith and find your place in the church.

Where & When?

All the small groups are still meeting please contact Mike, by email to get full details. 

Monday Morning
Weekly at 10:30 am @Bloxham

Monday Lunchtime
Weekly on Monday at 1.30 pm @the Chapel

Monday Eve
Weekly on Monday at 7:30 pm @Bodicote

Monday Eve
Weekly on Monday at 7:45 pm @Bloxham

Monday Eve
Weekly on Monday at 7:30 pm also @Bloxham

Tuesday Evenings
Weekly on Tuesday at 7:30 pm @Bloxham

Weekly on Tuesday at 7.45 pm @Banbury

Thursday Evenings
Weekly on Thursday at 7:30 pm Online only

What exactly are homegroups?

Homegroups are small groups of people that meet together weekly to spend time reading and studying the bible, praying and encouraging one another. They are a place to find out more about God and what it means to live with Jesus as our King. They help root us in the community and be more intentional in our faith.

What do homegroups do?

Homegroups are a place to:

Get together – grow in friendship, care and relationship, because we belong together.

Worship and Pray – enjoy spending time with Jesus, speaking and listening to Him.

Study God’s word – listen to what God is saying, learn from the bible and from each other

Grow in discipleship – apply the bible to our lives and learn how to follow Jesus.

Grow in service – discover and develop the gifts God has given us.

Witness – learn together how to share the good news of Jesus in our everyday lives.

How can I join a homegroup?

Joining a group is simple. All you need to do is to take a look at the groups and see which might work for you. Because we are all different each group has a slightly different feel and structure.

If you’d like help finding the right group, we’d love to chat with you. Just get in touch with one of the homegroup leaders directly or contact Mike Tydeman to find out more.

Where do they meet?

Our small groups meet in people’s homes or in the Chapel on Hawke Lane. There are groups meeting at different times and in different locations throughout the week.