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All meetings at church are suspended – we are apart and yet together

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Reflections on a month apart

We are now going into our second month of being apart. Who could have even thought at the start of 2020 that something would cause our church not to meet together? But then came coronavirus and the realisation that it may be some time until we can meet in one room together again.

I think it was an email from an ex-colleague early in March saying that she had been told to work at home until, at the earliest, the end of May that really made the situation real. We weren’t going to be taking a couple of weeks off and then be back together again.

Here are a couple of reflections on the changes that have turned out to be really positive. We are learning week by week how to adapt!

Services Online

Like many churches, we have new words and phrases in our vocabulary – zoom, meeting numbers, breakout rooms, gallery view etc. I think we’ve all been amazed at how ‘together’ we can feel seeing everyone online at the same time – waving from the safety of living rooms across ‘Banburyshire’. We’ve also been joined by friends and families from even further afield and so attendance is at a record high! We do miss singing together but, again, we are learning how to feature music in recent services.

Being a part of our online services is one way we can offer to make you feel connected. If you would like to be part of our virtual meetings you just need to drop Sarah, our Church Secretary, an email and she will let you know what you need to do.

Once on Zoom you can do anything – House Groups and Prayer Meetings

A great by-product of getting everyone – young and old – on Zoom is that every meeting we have (that doesn’t involve cooking or toys!) can now happen online. All our house groups now meet online so fellowship, support and bible study continue.

We can also run our Wednesday evening prayer meeting online. No-one knew how a prayer meeting might run online – but once held, everyone has said how easy it has been to feel included and involved.

Again, to be connected to one of our groups, please drop an email to our Church Secretary.

Supporting our Communities

Bloxham Baptist Church members live all over Banburyshire – Bloxham, Adderbury, Deddington, South Newington, Bodicote and Banbury itself. Many of the members are already supporting local groups who are making sure vulnerable people are getting medicines, food and any essential supplies. In Bloxham there is a group we are supporting with our friends from St Mary’s Parish Church.

If you live in our area and need support OR you have relatives in our area that you can’t visit and are concerned for PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH.

You can:
• Email us [email protected]
• Phone us 01295 721 525

We’ll do whatever we can to help in this difficult time.

And finally….

There are lots of causes for worry at this time – but there are also lots of things to give thanks for. Our garden, for example, doesn’t know what has hit is after a lovely long sunny Easter weekend. We all know that this situation – the virus – the lockdown – will pass. We are praying that whatever our experience is of it, our relationship with God will be deeper as a result and our love for each other will be deeper too.