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how can we help in bloxham

Do you need help at the moment due to COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 crisis we are available to help people in need. If you live in the Bloxham area or have a loved one or family member on their own here, please do get in touch.

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bloxham church help

All meetings at church are suspended – we are apart and yet together

We are now going into our second month of being apart. Who could have even thought at the start of 2020 that something would cause our church not to meet together? But then came coronavirus and the realisation that it may be some time until we can meet in one room together again.

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what faith means bloxham baptist church

A journey of faith – David’s story of how he became a Christian and a Bloxham Church member

As a child, I and my younger brother, grew up in Liverpool, in a loving but non-Christian family, although my Mum did occasionally go to church when we were young and believed in God, my Dad, did not. From about 10, I was often on my own devices as Mum and Dad both worked to make ends meet.

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