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Alpha is a series of group conversations that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith in an open, friendly environment. Everyone’s welcome. No matter your background or beliefs, you’re invited.

We are running an Alpha course on Monday evenings starting 19th February 2024 at Hawke Lane Chapel, OX15 4PY.

Each session covers a different topic of faith, either in a short talk or video. The Alpha episodes are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They’re about thirty minutes long and explore the big issues around faith and unpack the basics of Christianity, addressing questions such as Who is Jesus?, How can we have faith? and How does God guide us?

Followed by a chance to share your thoughts on the session’s topic and discuss it in your small groups. It’s an open and welcoming environment, no matter what your opinion. There’s no pressure to say anything, but the floor is yours if you do want to.

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For more information about the course here please contact Jon