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We all have questions….

…big, meaning-of-life type questions. The Bible encourages us to think things through and grapple with the questions we have.

We all have faith, too. Faith means ‘trust’. We all trust something, perhaps many things. But what or who do we trust with those big questions?

The Christian faith is all about trusting Jesus Christ. Trusting what he has done, what he says and what he’s promised.

But why trust Jesus? What about all the other religions in the world? Are they all wrong? The Bible is all about God revealing himself to humanity. It’s not about us finding him, but him finding us; it’s not about what we have to do for God, but what he has done for us. Most religions seem to be about what we have to do for God but the Christian faith is different: God has done everything and he offers us the gift of a special kind of life.

The core message of the Christian faith is the gospel, meaning good news. It’s not an idea, or advice, or even a religion; it’s simply the account of something that happened (news!) that makes a profound difference (good!). And it’s well worth exploring!

Want to read more?

Here’s a booklet written by our pastor that’s all about this good news.

If you’d like a Bible so that you can read different accounts of the good news of Jesus according to some people who lived at the time of Jesus Christ, please request one here and we’ll happily send one to you.

Or just contact us. We would love to explore with you.