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What is a Baptist Church Cluster?

One of the features of the Baptist Church is that each church is like an independent entity with its own constitution, finances, property, employees etc.  It is, however, healthy for us to be interdependent with other churches and through our membership of BUGB we are one of about 160 churches in the Southern Counties Baptist Assocation. We cannot, of course, be in close fellowship with them all and so we are encouraged to cluster.

Clustering, as it sounds, it a small grouping of local churches who, through proximity, can meet together, collaborate and share experiences and resources.

Bloxham Baptist Church is clustered with the following churches:

  • Hook Norton Baptist Church
  • Stour Valley Baptist Church (Shipston on Stour)

What happens within our cluster?

There are a number of levels of how clusters operate. Ours include:

  • Our Pastors meet regularly to pray and encourage one another
  • We meet on occasional Sunday evenings for joint worship
  • We pulpit swap with our pastors preaching at one another’s churches
  • We organise retreat days or day conferences to study God’s word for us all

If you would like more information about our Cluster then please contact our Pastor, Mike.


The Three Churches

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Bloxham Baptist Church

Where: Bloxham

Pastor: Mike Tydeman

Bloxham Baptist Church Logo

Hook Norton Baptist Church

Where: Hook Norton

Pastor: Peter Brookes

bloxham church cluster


Stour Valley Baptist Church

Where: Shipston on Stour

Pastor: Daniel Pulham