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Renew Bloxham

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Renew Wellbeing is a national charity offering a safe space where people can come to  help  attend to their mental and emotional health. Renew Bloxham takes place at the Baptist Chapel, on Tuesday afternoons from 1.00pm – 4.00pm. It is hosted by Christians from the Baptist Church and the Anglican Church in the village.

It is a space where it is Ok no to be Ok, where you are known and loved just as you are, no one is judging or expecting more of you than you are able to give.

The room is set out with tables where you can sit and talk, or read, or write.  There are colouring books, puzzles, jigsaws, crafts, and guests are invited to bring their own hobbies along if they would like to.

There is a quiet space for prayer, where anyone who wishes is invited to join for a short time each session, or where you can sit quietly if you need a little space.

Tea, coffee and snacks are available throughout the afternoon.